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Plants of aromatic and condimentary plants

We offer aromaticplants, but also old and forgotten vegetable plants.

Well-known plants such as thyme or savory, chives or mint can be found in the category. And other, more rare, such as Vietnamese coriander, buckwheat perennial, verbena mint, camphor thyme, pineapple sage, ... 

The nursery has many small treasures, but did not have time to enter all the plants on the website, do not hesitate tocontact us!

In spring, we also offer more classic vegetable plants :tomatoes, squash, zucchini, yellow card, red card, pumpkins, potimmarons, ... 

They are not shipped because of their fragility, you can find them at the nursery or in the markets.


For PLANTS, the minimum order is 35 €.

The delivery methods for the plants are as follows:     

  • Withdrawal on site, Place said Matroux, Dontreix (23700) in the department of Creuse, France (free)    
  • Withdrawal from markets: Agenda (free)    
  • Sending by Colissimo (15 € / parcel)

It is also possible to place a pre-order.
Any order including plants on order will be shipped when it is complete.
Do not hesitate to contact us for to know the time limit.

Les commandes de plants sont enregistrées et expédiées à partir du 1er septembre !

Les commandes de graines sont expédiées normalement.

Pour les plus pressés et/ou les plus curieux, il reste toujours la possibilité de venir nous voir et les chercher ici à Dontreix (Creuse), possibilité de prendre un "bain de verdure" en même temps !

Bel été à tous !

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