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F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

• Who are we ?

Our production is labeled according to the specifications of the S.I.M.P.L.E.S.

To learn more about harvesting seeds: Our methods

A 150m² greenhouse is used to prepare young plants (seedlings, cuttings) and to protect from the cold. A 200m² outdoor space is devoted to seedlings in pots or containers for their natural development. The mother plants are located in the ground in a garden of 800m².

The soil used for the production of the plants comes from our compost, to which we add sand and pozzolana.

• What is the shelf life of seeds? How to keep them?

To preserve the seeds, the best is to have both a low humidity rate and a low temperature and especially to avoid their incessant variations.
Some species, like angelica or wild garlic, do not keep very long, so we are careful to only sell seeds from the year's harvest.
For the majority, the average is 3/4 years.
Finally, others, such as amaranth, will keep longer, around ten years.

 When the seeds are stored in good conditions,
 the shelf life (so that the seeds still germinate at least 30%) from the year of harvest is:

- About 1 to 2 years for angelica or wild garlic

- About 3 to 4 years (sometimes more) for the majority

• I am starting a garden, what do you recommend?

We advise you to start with plants that are not too difficult to grow such as blueberries, mallow, calendula, marshmallow, ...

• I have growing problems ...

Be aware that it is very rare for the seeds in a bag to not germinate at all. If your seedling does not emerge at all, there is a good chance that the growing conditions were not favorable for emergence (lack or excess of water, insufficient or excessive temperature, insects, slugs, birds, etc. .).

• Can we come and buy seeds on site?

We produce and sell our seeds ourselves.
It is possible to come but we advise you to contact us in advance.


• I cannot reach you by phone ...

Being alone and therefore having no secretariat, it can sometimes be difficult to handle phone calls. You can leave a message in case of absence, the best way to reach me is by email.


• When will I receive my order?

We do our best to ship your orders on time, but sometimes I am away for several days, especially for markets or fairs, so your order has to wait until I come home to be processed.
In principle, orders are dispatched within a week.

It is also necessary to count the delivery time of the Post office or Chronopost which is, in general, 48 hours.

The plants are shipped on Monday and Tuesday so that they arrive before the weekend.

• I am a plant producer or market gardener ...

We have a price for larger quantities, for any specific request, do not hesitate to contact us.


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