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For those in a hurry and / or the most curious, there is always the possibility of coming to see us and pick them up here in Dontreix (Creuse), possibility of taking a 'bath of greenery' at the same time!

Have a nice summer everyone!

Aromatic and medicinal plants

Graine de vie, Dontreix, Creuse (23), FRANCE

Seeds and plants production of medicinal plants, aromatic, dyeing, ornamental according to the specifications "Simples"


GRAINE DE VIE is a young and rich nursery of wild and cultivated plants (medicinal, aromatic, tinctorial, ornamental, etc.) where plants are created with passion and care according to the rules of the SIMPLES specifications. -> www.syndicat-simples.org

We produce seeds and plants first for passion, second because we believe that offering this is useful and important.

Our range concerns only medicinal plants, utilitarian in the broad sense, and wild.
These plants are found in the wild, whether in France or elsewhere.

Based in Dontreix, we multiply since 2010 a wide range of plants for use and plants of very high quality. Advices are regularly given (both to individuals and communities) and we can help you develop your wild garden, your patch of medicinal and aromatic plants, gardens ethnobotanicals or simply enrich the diversity of your natural spaces.

You can find us regularly, in summer, at the Marché de Felletin (23) Friday mornings or directly (by appointment) here at the nursery.

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