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Wild angelica (seeds)

Angelica sylvestris L.

Graine de vie
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Family : Apiaceae

Latin name : Angelica sylvestris L.

Common name :
Wild angelica


  • Type of plant : biennial
  • Hardiness (USDA zones) : 4a (from -34,4°C to -31,7°C), 4b (from -31,7°C to -28,9°C), 5a (from -28,9°C to -26,1°C), 5b (from -26,1°C to -23,3°C), 6a (from -23,3°C to -20,6°C), 6b (from -20,6°C to -17,8°C), 7a (from -17,8°C to -15°C), 7b (from -15°C to -12,2°C), 8a (from -12,2°C to -9,4°C), 8b (from -9,4°C to -6,7°C), 9a (from -6,7°C to -3,9°C), 9b (from -3,9°C to -1,1°C)
  • Sun exposure : partial shade, full sun
  • Difficulty : medium
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